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Sunday, October 3, 2010

kakogawa week 9

So yeah this week was pretty crazy and stuff. Pday last week, we just hung out and played chess and i stomped kobe and burhoe長老 and then we had a exchange with the zone leaders. Oshiro長老 and I worked hard and we found some guy who i guess already knew some stuff about the church and said he was willing to listen to us so were going to see if we can get an appointment with him. then tuesday was normal and ended with a normal english class full of crazy people. So then Wednesday, we decided we wanted to go around and find some less actives we hadnt visited before on our map before a dinner appointment with the Taniguchi family. So we were biking around all day and by the time it was time to head back so we could get to our appointment, i was already pretty dead. and we get to the appartment and im like "hey, where do the Taniguchis live anyways?" so we find them on the map and theyre WAY far away. so we're like dang we gotta go or we're gonna be late. and we head out and we got lost and all that good stuff and it turned into a solid hour and 20 minute trip of hard biking to get out there and then probly another 40 minutes to get back. that night i crawled to bed. but the lesson with the Taniguchis was way good. we did like a practice lesson with them so they could start to get used to sharing the gospel and could share it with anyone who was curious and all that good stuff. and their teenage son, who is kind of a punk, was teaching his mom about the book of mormon and it was really funny to watch. and their baby is probly the funniest baby ive ever seen. i wont try to describe it but just believe me. Other than that, it was just normal missionary days until my birthday! which was also fast sunday! But yeah i was actually glad to have had church on my birthday because the Members were way nice about it. the young men and young women sang happy birthday to me in english and made me a card and got be a big thing of calpis which i was way happy about. and sister Kangai got me some cake which was pretty delicious and moist. so yeah it was a pretty good birthday and it feels ok to be 20. they actually have a word for being 20. "hatachi." so instead of saying "ni ju sai desu," i can just say "hatachi desu." its easier trust me.
But yeah this next week should be a good one. we have exchanges with the APs and General Conference and after this im going to try again at getting a hair cut. little doki doki at that. so yeah till next week everyone!
Elder Horton

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