Marcus was called to serve in the Japan Kobe Mission. He entered the MTC on May 19, 2010. He arrived in Japan on August 3,2010.
Elder Horton will be returning home on April 27, 2012!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I guess ill start from when i left emails last week.
we went shopping and didnt buy enough food so we havent been eating much lately, but after that we headed over to himeji and met the elder who replaced elder jackson. elder burhoe or something. but hes way cool and a really good missionary. his japanese is really dang good for a missionary on his sixth transfer. finally i have someone i can set a goal to surpass and not feel like im going to easy on myself. but yeah we went to some art gallery thing and it cost like 800yen and wasnt even that great. there were like 3 pictures that i really liked. the rest of them were boring or of naked women. but white handbook says art museums are cool so who am i to argue. but i blew a bunch of money and so now we have none. so this week i think the plan is for them to come here and we're gonna go to the church and watch church dvds, write letters(not me i dont have any letters to write), and play ping pong(churches here have ping pong tables). so that should be a fun Pday. then after that i have a comp exchange with the Zone leaders. ill be dendoing with Oshiro長老 which is going to be way tight. He was the first person I dendo'd with when i first got to japan and was still in the mission home.
recently, we've been playing shogi (basically japanese chess but different) when we get the chance to. the first time i played was against elder escalante and i won pretty hard. then we played again another day and he was playing much harder and i was getting a little owned but then he let down his guard and i snuck in for the checkmate or whatever its called in japanese. haha he was way mad.
But yeah last week was good. we had a comp exchange with Himeji and Kobe長老 got to work in Kakogawa and we had a really good time despite not being able to speak english. we tryed visiting rosario but she was yelling in spanish at something so we got scared and decided to go try something else. then that night we played shogi and i thought for sure i was going to lose since kobe長老 is nihonjin and all, and i was off to a rough start but i was able to turn it around for the win. long story short, i really like shogi and im currently 3 and 0.
So last week was good. we worked hard and we found 5 new investigators. how many of them will progress, I dont know. but considering I only found 1 investigator in the 6 weeks with bennion, i think its a pretty good start. Things are still moving a little slow in terms of how many lessons we're teaching, but hopefully that will get turned around in the near future. I think I'll call that good for this week.
Elder Horton
ps, shout out to abe who has been added to the list of recipiants. sorry you missed all the good ones. its down hill from here.

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