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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week 12

This week was a pretty interesting one. This might be a longer email. straight after P-day on monday, we exchanged with Himeji and i was working in Kakogawa with Burhoe長老 until wednesday. Elder Burhoe is a really good missionary and we got a lot of stuff done. it was legit. Monday night, we visited our favorite gaijin less-active, Matt兄弟. We talked to him about lots of stuff and about why he really has gone less active. and he has various issues that are near impossible for us to do much about. But we're trying to get him to start reading scriptures. baby steps.
Then Tuesday, we found this really cool girl while housing. her name is Arisa (or it might be allysa or something. it has kanji but i dont know if its supposed to be a gaijin name or not either way its pretty rare) and she is way cool. She had some worries about meeting with us because she thought it would cost her money but once we cleared all those up, we set up an appointment to meet here thursday morning. and I'll tell more about that when i get to thursday. Tuesday night, we taught our English class and it was the best class ive taught to this point. we had three new people show up and several of our usual crazy people not show up. the new people were this girl Michiko or Micchan, and then this couple-like couple of people, Yumiko and this guy who goes by Kaz. we had a really fun activity with directions, where you have to guide someone to some destination using only english. since there were an odd number of people, I got paired up with Micchan, which was fun but she was guiding me with her hands too much and with her words not enough when it was her turn. we're going to have to talk to here about missionary rules or something sometime. but i found out later its probly cool because although she doesnt look it, shes 28 and married. But for the good news portion of eikaiwa, where we talk about church stuff, all our new students seemed to be really soaking it in, so we might be seeing if they want to learn more tomorrow.
Wednesday was also pretty good I guess. I was with elder burhoe for half the day and we found two new investigators (both of which later spoked us). Then Escalante and I went to try and visit Marion since we did have a lesson planned for that night, but she was in her pajamas and didnt want to come out. She seems like shes been avoiding the missionaries ever since that thing with Bennion. I dont remember if i explained what that thing was, but whatever i dont want to get into it now. but we talked to Rosario and she informed me that Ive gotten fat. also that her and marion havent been getting along lately. We dont really know what to do with that situation. not much we can do if marion wont talk to us.
Thursday was good. We went to McDonalds for our appointment with Arisa at 9:00 and she showed up! so we taught her a solid lesson 1 and had lunch with her. though she didnt accept out baptismal commitment, she did say she'd read the Book of Mormon and Pray about it, and we said we'd call the next day to see how it went. I was really excited after that lesson. largely because I havent taught many lessons since i got here and largely because ive taught even fewer with people who are normal. Right after her lesson, we had another exchange with Ako. I'd be working in Kakogawa with Kodama長老 and right when we started off, the first guy we talked to was pretty legit. he said he'd meet us later that day. 6:00 at the church. So we talked to some people until then and headed over to the church to meet this guy. and he showed up too! we gave him a quick tour of the church we actually taught him lesson 3, though i dont think Elder Kodama knows what my ablilty is for teaching in japanese so he took most of the teaching just to be safe i think. But anyways, we commited him to baptism, and he accepted! we set a date to work for baptism on the 21st of november. due to mix ups with our phones, we couldnt get his number, but he said he'd come to church if he could and if something came up, he'd call us. So i was a little worried about it, but mostly excited at that point.
Pretty good week, right?
So then Friday, Arisa calls us. She says she read the book of mormon and prayed about it and she felt something special. She got excited and shes good friends with her mom, so she calls her mom and tells her about whats happened. So her mom her she cant meet with us anymore. Since Arisa is 19 and you have to be 20 to be an adult in japan, we have to respect her mom's say. All we can do is say hi to her where she works at the mcdonalds at the mall. I was pretty crushed. then we had district meeting and the whole time McGuire was super annoying. And i was not in the mood for it. But we had our planning session and we were supposed to be having 6 investigators at church, one of which being our investigator with a baptismal date. That was a glimmer of hope.
Then saturday was pretty fun. we had a halloween party with the ward and we were doing a skit kind of thing about alma the younger, so i was an angel and escalante was a gangster like person. the skit didnt go that well but my costume was legit everyone told me it was kawaii. which wasnt what i was going for, but whatevs. you cant see in the pictures im sending, but i had little wings on the back. they were pretty kawaii. the party was pretty good. we had two investigators there, Marion being one of them, though she wouldnt really talk to us. and we also had our new eikaiwa couple-like-couple of people there and they said they had a good time. after the party we were playing tag with all the little kids and they wore me out. it was fun though. they kept stealing my halo.
So then we had church yesterday. Nobody out of the 6 people who said they'd come came. including the guy with the baptismal date. which means he is a very iffy investigator all of the sudden. that sucked. we were sent right back to where we were at the beginning of the week then we had an appointment after church and he spoked us. not gonna lie, we didnt work very hard the rest of the day.
But its all good. Things will turn eventally right? that or I'll transfer out of Kakogawa without having seen anything happen here. Either way, I have had some good times. Next week, youll know if i transferred or not. All in all, it was actually a very fun week. it just had a lot of ups and downs thats all. Hope Everyone is genki in the states.
Elder Horton

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