Marcus was called to serve in the Japan Kobe Mission. He entered the MTC on May 19, 2010. He arrived in Japan on August 3,2010.
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Sunday, October 31, 2010

I got transferred to Ako

Yeah i got transferred to Ako. Not gonna lie, there were only two places in the mission i didnt really want to go to and Ako is one of them. Its in the same district as Kakogawa so i had done exchanges here so i already knew what it was like. but on the brightside, Escalante is still my district leader so we'll get to have some exchanges at some point this transfer and i talk to him every night. which is cool that i still get to hear about kakogawa. And Elder Hale who was in my MTC district replaced me in Kakogawa. apparently things started picking up there after i left. but yeah so this week, we heard about transfers and then I went around saying goodbye to various people in the area and other than that not much happened. we did have a member visit with a couple who lived pretty far away and we had already shipped my bike to ako so escalante and i had to get there on his bike alone. it was not fun. i got closer to escalante than i ever wanted to. though it is funny thinking back on it hehe. yeah so then on thursday, we transferred. coming to Ako, my new companion is Elder Kodama, who i had worked with before. As his name suggests, he is Japanese and though he knows some english, my days are now 98% in japanese. so im going to get much better really fast. i can already tell that i have been. so now a little bit about Ako.
Ako doesnt have a ward, just a branch. there are around 20 members who come to church every week, but the branch president is way into things and the members are working really hard to make things happen. but right now we dont really have any investigators and the finding is really slow since there really isnt anywhere to street and the people seem pretty cold so far. there is a college so at some point we're going to start talking to some cool college kids i think. but yeah Ako is pretty rural. my feeling right now is that this next transfer is going to be a long one. the last one went by so fast...
so yeah on friday, we did some finding and didnt find anyone, but we did visit this old couple, the takeuchi's who love the missionaries. they were throwing all sorts of weird japanese food in front of me to eat and i had to eat it for the most part untill they put what i guess was a fish that had had the head cut off and the spine taken out and then put in front of me. i looked at it for like 10 minutes before they told me i didnt have to eat it and i accepted their gracious offer. Kodama liked it though. then saturday, we went to the college where they were having this school festival thing. it was pretty fun. everyone was coming up to me and trying to get me to buy their food. i dont think they get many foreigners in Ako so i was popular that day and i got to hand out a bunch of english class fliers. then after that we had ako's halloween party which was pretty fun. they put a lot more effort into it than Kakogawa ward did, but somehow kakogawa's was much better. but they did serve some delicious Curry at the end. i love curry. then sunday was church and i got to give my little self intro/ testimony which was good. there are some really solid members in Ako. theyre just a little small in numbers. I guess ill see if i cant do something about that. Then we went back to the College festival thing and there were some comedians who i didnt understand at all and some cosplayer lady who did some act. it was cool i guess but it was also raining the whole time.
Yeah i guess thats about it. ill send some pictures. a few of them might be a little older.

Elder Horton


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