Marcus was called to serve in the Japan Kobe Mission. He entered the MTC on May 19, 2010. He arrived in Japan on August 3,2010.
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Week 11

Hard to believe its already been 11 weeks here. My second transfer is almost over and I'm starting to wonder if I'll be staying in Kakogawa or heading off to a new area next week. The members in this area are seriously awesome though. They really do try their best to help us, however they can. I think they really want to see a baptism since its been over a year since this area has seen one. Part of me wants to get transferred just so a more capable missionary can come in my place and make something happen here. Since it seems like despite any effort Ive put in here, we haven't made a whole lot of visible progress. We've found around 15 new investigators this transfer, which is decent by just about any area's standards in our mission, but we've also been spoked (the investigator breaks their appointment) by just about everyone and then they stop answering our calls. Even the one progressing investigator we had last transfer, Marion, isn't progressing anymore. She wants to wait two years before baptism even though she's ready now. So right now we have no progressing investigators. So yeah yesterday, after a really promising investigator spoked us, i was pretty down, but Im sure that things will get better which is why i also want to stay in Kakogawa to see the end of this streak. So whether i get transferred or not, I'm happy as long as a good missionary replaces me if i do,
but things arent all bad, far from it. Last week on tuesday, at Kakogawa Eki( an eki is a trainstation) we talked to this really cool black guy (black guys are crazy rare, so you always talk to them here). He told us he was from Nigeria and he was christian but he hadnt been to church in a long time so i told him i think its important that he goes to church and that he should try to go back. he said that he thought i was right and that hed think about it. so we gave him a flier and that was about it. But then two days later, at a different Eki, we bumped into him again. it was way cool. so we asked him he had thought about church and he said he'd coming to church not this sunday but the one after that which is the 24th, so he gave us his phone number and stuff. His name is Benjamin and I dont think he speaks any japanese. We can work around that somehow I'm sure. Long story short, WE GOT A BLACK INVESTIGATOR and it didn't take much effort at all. Man missionaries in nigeria have it easy haha-naw they have different issues. Anyways yeah, so thats the situation here i suppose. We didnt get to go the science museum last week because when we got to Himeji, the next bus that would have taken us to the museum was a 2 hour wait. so we're going to try again next week i think. Which is good because ill have money next week. I've been SUPER poor the last couple weeks and i had no idea why, then this morning, i got a call from the office elder and he told me he had made a mistake with one of my orders and I'd be getting 10000yen back in my account. which is way good because i dont think i would have been able to buy groceries today if not for that. hehe so yeah till next week.
love you all,
Elder Horton

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