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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week 6

Yup its week 6. which means we get transfer calls tomorrow! yay. My guess is Elder Nuttall transfers out but only time will tell.
This week was good but i dont really have much time. we had a companion exchange and elder lee and I worked in Tsuyama for about a day and a half. he's a way solid missionary and a fun guy. it was sweet. we had a lesson with Kaiami and Uchida, our 14 year old kids. they couldnt focus at all. it was a mess. theres no way i was that immature when i was 14. shoot. So we really weren't able to make much progress on the investigators we already had this week, but we were able to do some good finding the last 3 or 4 days. we visited a potential investigator we met early in the transfer and her friend who had gone to eikaiwa once was there so we talked to her a bit about the book of mormon and whatnot and she seems like she has pretty genuine interest. we were pretty excited. she said she'd try and come to eikaiwa but if she doesnt, we'll visit again. Also, I've been working more to use the Book of Mormon more in my contacts with people while housing or whatever and its been working out pretty well i must say. We found one new investigator on saturday who wanted to know where we go after we die so we busted out alma 40:11 and got an appointment to talk about it.
Also, yesterday, some bhuddist guy invited us in to his house and told us all about what bhuddists believe. like pretty in depth. it was interesting. So we shared our beliefs too and gavehim a book of mormon. he wants to talk more so we'll be heading over to talk more with him sometime soon.
Lastly. We got a call from one of our investigators, Jotani-san who wanted us to come over for a BBQ. so we show up and he has a fire going and all but there were no hotdogs or hamburgers. only oysters. i really dont like oysters. oh it was a trial. i must have eaten like 20. man i almost went a whole transfer without eating them too. but it was fun. He's a way nice guy.
well thats about all the time i have. we're heading off to okayama to have fun for our last PDay.
so hope everyone is doing awesome.
Elder Horton

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