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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tsuyama week 3

Monday we had a pretty normal sit-around-and-do-nothing P-day. then after we had our family home evening with our lonely single adults. I shared Moroni 7:45-47 or where ever it is that talks about Charity and then we all did a practice activity where we all take a piece of paper, write your name on it, and pass it around and everyone draws part of your face and writes something nice about you or whatever. and it was actually really fun. ill post a picture of how my paper turned out. the nice things are all pretty boring and i dont know that anyone will be able to read them but the picture is worth it. I look like a scummy politician.
Then Tuesday was pretty normal and stuff. did a lot of housing before Eikaiwa. this week, only 4 people showed up for Eikaiwa, but we were able to give a much more organized lesson so it was pretty good anyways. guess there are going to be up and down weeks in tsuyama. tsuyama means 'port mountain.' haha that sentence is like one of those sentences that you see on those proof reading excersizes that are like "which of these sentences should be deleted?" completely kankei nai(not related). anyways.
Wednesday, we had a lesson with a less-active and stuff and then in the afternoon, we had our library service activity where we go and read english childrens books to some kids and their parents. I didnt think it would really turn out to anything to big but it was actually way good. afterwards, we got to talk to a lot of the parents and one lady said she wanted to come to church but then she remembered that she had to go to hyogo-ken this week. so hopefully we'll see her at the next time we do it and we can set up an appointment because she was way nice and seems to have interest. So thats actually a really good activity and we're way excited.
Thursday we helped a less active who has some mental issues move out of the hospital. she's an interesting one and likes to talk, but she really wants to go to the temple so in order to do so, shes going to work hard. and she calls us every morning for no apparent reason. then that night we had a lesson with one of our few investigators, Jotani-san. We taught him a two hour lesson about the plan of salvation and he taught us about a whole bunch of his confusing bhuddist beliefs. We were hoping to be able to baptize him this transfer, but it looks like it is going to take more time to work through some of his issues. but he reads the book of mormon and keeps commitments so we're happy. it was a really good lesson even if it did go way too long.
Friday, we had district meeting and after was a companion exchange with the Zone leaders. So Maesawa長老 and I worked in Okayama for the day and it was wayyy awesome. first we taught a lesson with their deaf investigator about the word of wisdom which was really interesting and frankly a bit awkward at times but it also went well. Hes going to try his best to stop drinking coffee from what i can tell. after that we had a lesson with one of their recent converts who was a way cool dude who also was having problems with the word of wisdom so we taught that again. then we went out to the streets and talked to people. there are a ton of people in okayama so it wasnt hard. but we seriously found the greatest investigator ever. he was this Chinese guy who's name is Ryou and he has been living in japan for 8 years while his wife has been in China. He was ridiculously nice and actually right there on the street asked us if there were any foods or anything he needed to stop eating in order to join our church. thats the first time ive heard that. but we taught him the word of wisdom and the Okayama elders will be meeting him on tuesday. He'll get baptized without a doubt. he was awesome. so we taught word of wisdom three times that day. Maesawa and I were way stoaked.
Saturday, we exchanged back, and then that night, Elder Nuttall and I went out with our super cool friend Iria who we met last week at the mall. It didnt turn into a lesson really at all though we did give him a book of mormon. we just went around visiting his various friends in cake shops and we ate some pretty delicious udon. hes really into Kendo so we might go out and see one of his matches and talk to people at the same time one of these nights. we dont know how much interest Iria has but he has a lot of a friends and a friend with a lot of friends is a good friend fo have for missionaries.
Then yesterday was also way good. throughout the week, we've been trying our best to invite everyone we talk to come to church. so on sunday, the members were cured of their flu's and were all at church. and then two pretty young guys- theyre around 14 years old- randomly showed up for sacrament meeting. So got them in a room and taught them a solid lesson about the restoration. They have a hard time focusing but they took books of mormon and said they had fun and would probly go to eikaiwa. they're pretty interesting but we're going to need permission from their parents in order to teach them more. So i dont really know. guess we'll find out. Then we had a lesson with Sakamoto-san who is the husband of one of our less-active members. that was also a prettty solid restoration message. so hopefully we'll be meeting with him more in the near future. Then lastly we had Family home evening with the Koyama family. we showed up and they fed us food, i ate crab for the first time it was aight. then, because it was fun the first time, we did the same charity activity and this time it was even funner! mostly because we were doing it with young people, but yeah it was way good.
goodness this was a long email, but we did a lot of stuff this week and it was a lot of fun.
i probly forgot some stuff too.
but hope everyones genko etc etc
Elder Horton
housing in tsuyama

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