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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tsuyama week 4

Alright lets make this one shorter.
normal day on monday, we had everyone bring picture albums and showed them to eachother at our single adult family home evening. it was cool i guess. i need to take more pictures for my silly album. these things are important in japan. which reminds me, whats my blood type? anyone know?
Tuesday, we visited a bunch of less actives trying to get everyone to go to the special conference we had yesterday because Elder Cook of the 12 came up to Okayama stake and spoke to everyone. so we really wanted to get everyone there. of the 3 we visited, nakagawa-shimai said she was going, Hiromi-shimai also said she'd go if it didnt snow because then she's have work (it snowed). and yamamoto-shimai wouldnt make any promises. then we had Eikaiwa! 10 people came! it was way cool. among them, were the two kids who were at church last week. they showed up and said it was a lot of fun and afterward, one of them said he showed his sister the pamphlet we gave them and she was "meccha inotte iru" or like 'praying like crazy' i guess. so hopefully we can talk to her sometime too. these two kids are way funny though. one of them also saw all the pass-along cards and pamphlets we have at the entrance to the church and was like "are these free?" so im like heck yes they are and he took one of each. it was pretty funny. more on those two when i get to sunday.
wednesday was normal. we had our library reading activity and we read a story about a very adorable kitten who thought the moon was a bowl of milk.
Thursday was also normal. though we had a member lesson with the Hisemune family and they were pretty interesting i do suppose.
then Friday and Saturday, we spent pretty much those entire days on trains going to and from Kobe for the mission conference where Elder Cook spoke to all the missionaries. We spent friday night in Akashi which was way fun because thats also where my good friend Elder Burhoe and my previous companion, Hasegawa長老 where staying. so we had some fun. then the actual conference was way good. Elder Cook talked to us about some of the relationships the members of the 12 and first presidency have with Japan and talked with us about the importance of teaching about dispensations. so it was way good. It was also fun seeing a bunch of the missionaries i know who are spread all over the mission right now.
So Sunday, we got to go see Elder Cook again, this time we rode on a bus with our whole branch and our investigators to Okayama. We had 4 investigators come with us and we were stoaked. the two interesting kids, kaiami-kun and uchida-kun, sakamoto-san, and Jotani-san. we decided id hang out with the two kids and elder nuttall would work with jotani-san and sakamoto-san. so on the bus, the kids bust out their psp's. but these are like new and improved psp's that i had no idea even exsited. kaiami-kun was talking on skype and stuff from the bus on his little psp and i was freaking out. so yeah they're way funny. As i expected, during the actual meeting, they couldnt focus hardly at all. i tried my best to help them learn something but i wasnt able to do much. i planned on that from the beginning, but afterwards, they said it was fun and they'd come to eikaiwa again this week. so horay! they're funny kids.
Yup so that was our week. this transfer is going by fast.
hope everyone is genki and stuff.
Elder Horton

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