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Monday, February 21, 2011

Tsuyama week 5

Some Japanese garden. i need a nicer camera.
Kaiami-kun and Uchida-kun before the Valentines party

Can't believe we're already on week 5. this transfer is flying by.
This week, we had our Valentines day party at Eikaiwa! everyone brought a ton of food and I taught everyone about how to ask someone out on a date and then all the different ways you can reject someone if they ask you. something i have no experience with but i acted like i did anyways. It was way fun. then afterwards, we shared a good message about love. we read John 3:16 and talked about God's love for the world etc etc. it was really good. I have no idea why, but Tsuyama has a really strong Eikaiwa program. Its a very nice improvement from Ako where we had somewhere between 0 and 2 people come each week.
We had a Zone Conference on wednesday and my old MTC companion Elder Nicholes and I got to hang out and even practice teaching together which was pretty nostalgic. but yeah that was good times. That kid is way genki.
We also met with our two favorite middle schoolers who are way funny. I'm learning tons of rude japanese that i dont get to hear from normal people so thats always fun. And they love praying. they're always either asking us to do it because we're "professionals" or volunteering to do it themselves. either way, its awesome and I've never seen anything like it. We're still working on their understanding and teaching principles multiple times to make sure they get it. like on saturday, we were playing dodgeball and asking them review questions and i ask,
"Who is God?"
"a prophet!"
So they're moving along slowly but surely.
another investigator who we're excited about is Sakamoto-san, who's wife is a less active. we called them this week and apparently him and his wife have been talking about it because she says he says he wants to join our church but he is poor so he can't pay tithing. Something we can talk about and once we strengthen his faith a bit, we can toppa no problem. So we have high hopes for him.
Yesterday at church, we were supposed to have 3 investigators and a less active member, Hiromi-chan, show up and none of them did. it was a bummer. but then last night, we met with a family, the Sakamoto's (not related to our investigator) and it was way fun. their dad, has extreme Dendo fire and actually just got called to be our ward mission leader! which means we have a ward mission leader! He's way excited and is already talking about how we're going to be baptizing 5 people and a family every month. so yay!.. But they're a way fun family and they're all off to a good start on their personal Dendo plan!
so yeah!
Love everyone. its almost march! that means one more sxsw i cant go to! woo!
Elder Horton

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