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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tsuyama week 2

Yeah yeah yeah so this week had some ups and downs i do suppose. Monday, actually during email last week, we got a call from one our members say he wanted to take us to see tsuyama's gundam. so we went and did that and you'll see from the pictures, that it was pretty legit. i know where to go to when Godzilla attacks tsuyama now. though really thats quite silly. godzilla would attack a much bigger city and one that was actually on the coast. not to mention that hes wouldnt like the cold here. but anyways, theres a big robot and its cool. then after P-day, we had our family-home-evening with the single adults in Tsuyama branch. that was pretty interesting. We shared a message, played a game, drew some pictures, ate some food, and i played a really awesome game of shogi with one of the members. I started off really strong and was beating him but then he started fighting like a freaking lion i swear. he just wouldnt go down. we actually ran out of time before we could finish but the activity was a good way to strengthen some of our members. next day, we headed over to Aeon mall for some "mall-dendo" (basically just talking to people at a mall). which is usually pretty hard for a lot of missionaries myself and elder nuttall included. something about starting casual conversations about the gospel in a mall is difficult. but we were actually able to do it pretty successfully that day. we had a 20 minute long conversation with this guy named Iria and he was way tight. we exchanged contact info and later that night, he mailed us saying he wanted to get some food sometime so we're going to meet him and his friend on saturday. We are a little worried that his plan is to take us to a bar to pick up some chicks or something but if thats the case, we'll turn it into a teaching oportunity. thats like the word of wisdom and law of chastity in one right there. we also talked to another cool cat by the name of Niki who said he was interested in eikaiwa and actually showed up that night for the class. from what ive hear, they usually have around 5-7 students at eikaiwa here, but on tuesday, for whatever reason, we had 10. and it was my first week and things were a little chaotic. i dont think we made a super great impression on some of the people who were coming for the first time, but hopefully they'll come again. Im not super worried about it.
Then wednesday up till saturday, the mission had its leadership training thing which i didnt go to but my companion did which meant that i was sent to an area called Kurashiki to hang out with two elders by the names of Elders Nakamura and McGuire. And actually I've done exchanges with Mcguire before since we were in the same district when i was in Kakogawa. I dont like Elder McGuire a whole lot. my previous exchanges with him were... rough for lack of a better word. but I was able to live through 3 days with him this time without doing anything too rash. though i did almost snap when he was explaining to me the science behind those stupid powerbalance bracelets. ooohhh. anyways i guess that means my patience has leveled up since my first transfer. so thats good and stuff. Friday night, though, one of Kurashiki's awesome members took us out to visit lessactives and then to this awesome all-you-can-eat yakiniku place and it was insanely delicious and i almost died i ate so much. then on saturday, we went with a bunch of our eikaiwa students to another all-you-can-eat yaki-niku place! and i ate so much i almost died again. That whole thing was planned by one of our investigators, Joutani-san and it was good to be able to meet and talk with him.
Then yesterday wasnt super great. the flu is apparently going around in Tsuyama and there was hardly anyone at church. maybe 10-15 people. and after church we went around and visited various less-actives and potential investigators and all of our visits just didnt quite work out as we had hoped. it was a bit of a bummer. but next week is a new week and im excited it should be a good one.
sorry this email is a bit long. sometimes i have to stop myself from typing unnecessary things. sometimes i type them anyways.
hope everyone is genki!
Elder Horton

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