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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Niihama week 18 (I'm going to have to get a new system for this)

So as i eluded to last week, we got our very important phone calls this morning. If one were to ask why they were important, Id tell you that since i got my date to go home at the end of april, that puts me with just two transfers left. and since it doesnt make a lot of sense for me to transfer to a different area for my last transfer, this mornings transfer call determined where my last area would be. Since I have been in Niihama for 3 transfers and my companion had been here for 4 transfers, it was kind of up in the air as to who was going to go, but as it would happen, Cloward長老 is out of Niihama and off to Kakogawa. So I'll probably be in Niihama till the end and probably with the same companion by the name of Sobrino長老 he's from Brazil. from what I've heard he's kind of struggled with Japanese and English on the mission so we'll see how it goes. Either way, I'm pretty stoked for these next two transfers. I think there's a lot of stuff that we can make happen in Niihama. Its looking like i'll be here for 5 transfers so I'm going to make this area my own.
This week was pretty good. highlights include a good lesson with Kana-san at the church on saturday; she seems excited to read the Book of Mormon. Also on saturday we were housing around in the middle of nowhere when we smelled a delicious smell of some sort of baked deserts. we followed the smell into a small shop that seemed to be run by this nice lady. we asked her what kind of goods she sells, seeking to find the source of that smell. She sold a whole variety of goods from chicken nuggets to chocolate chip cookies. So Cloward長老 got some chicken nuggets and i got the cookies. Anyways. as we were leaving, she asked us if we were Christian, seeing our nametags. we told her that we were and then she proceeded to tell us about how she's studying about how to talk to your soul to talk to God and then she pulled out a weird pendant thing and said she used that thing to talk to her soul. She asked us if we could read Japanese and offered us some book but some other customers were coming in and so she told us to come back another time. She we got Dendo'd by some weird religion which there are a lot of in Japan. She wasn't very good at it though. but hey, we might go check it out if we're feeling adventurous. Then we got a call from some random guy from Pakistan. He told us to come to his shop so we did. He bought us some Indo-curry which was really good, but we had to have awkward conversation in his unintelligible English.
We also had Mizuki-chan and Hikari-chan at church again. They're buddy buddy with all the members now. so yeah! Anyway that's all I can think of for now.

Elder Horton

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