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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Live from Niihama weeks 13 and 14

cloward and mio-chan dressed up as santa to deliver presents to neighborhood kids.

Add Christmas eve and the Aoba's

makin mochi

hammer of justice

chainsaw of epic
Well it was nice to talk to the family last week for Christmas and it sounds like everyone is doing well and all. I don't remember at all what we did 2 weeks ago and this week, we didn't really have much time to do anything. With the time we did have, we knocked on some doors and also visited some investigators which resulted in the dropping of several people. But it was alright because I feel like we have a big list of 'investigators' but not many of them are investigating at this point so we need to get the list cleaned up and find the people who are going to progress. Then after that, we had our Christmas conference in Okayama which takes a solid two days out of our week. But a big chunk of the mission gathered together and played sports and got some training and it was good times. I mostly just played capture the flag and dodge ball. I swear, Im in pretty dang good shape right now but every time i play sports, my body hurts all over the next day. And the next day after that Christmas conference, we had a Mochi tsuki. which is where you hit rice with hammers until it turns into mochi, which is rice that has been pounded a whole lot with a hammer. then we played more games with the members who showed up to that and did some service at the Aoba's cutting wood. The Aoba's son and daughter and their spouses are visiting for new years and theyre way cool. But after all of that my body was about ready to give out.
We then celebrated new years by drinking some cheap 1$ sparkling cider, which i ended up dumping down the drain because it was gross, at 10:30. I set an alarm at 11:59 so i could celebrate new years but i slept through it.
In Japan, new years eve isnt that big of deal at all, but rather new years day and the following two days. its pretty much impossible to proselyte during these 3 days so yesterday the Aoba's had us over again and we ate some delicious sukiyaki. and i still dont know what we're going to do today and tomorrow. Guess we'll see.
This time of year isnt exactly ideal for missionary work, but its almost over. woo
Elder Horton

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