Marcus was called to serve in the Japan Kobe Mission. He entered the MTC on May 19, 2010. He arrived in Japan on August 3,2010.
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Monday, February 6, 2012

boa noite from 新居浜!!

Me and my new best friend... Tabasco sauce!

So we got Cloward長老 all packed up and shipped off to Kakogawa and now I'm hanging out with my new Brazilian buddy, Elder Sobrinho. He is very Brazilian. Also Pedro isn't very Brazilian because he speaks too much English. Communicating is fun, but its cool because when he doesn't know a word in English, I can usually guess what he's saying if he says it in Portuguese. Unfortunately, he speaks no Japanese. So we tried a couple more times to meet our single Brazilian investigator  aparecida-san, but she is never home. i think she may have gone back to the mother land. Game night was way legit this Saturday. our new ping pong table came but it wasn't assembled. but on the bright side, i now know how to assemble a ping pong table from Japanese instructions. So we had Kato-kyoudai, mizuki-chan, hikari-chan, itsuki-chan, and igari-kyoudai come out and play. None of you know who most of them are but someday, ill look back on these emails. anyways, we also played some billards which was good times all around. also it turns out girls aren't good at billiards.
Church was good too. Mizuki-chan and Hikari-chan came as we thought they would, but Kana-san did not. anyways i was starting to get frustrated about not getting a chance to teach them ever so i talked to Igari-shimai about it. she said she gave them books of mormon during the young women's hour and explained prayer and she said she'd mail her and set up a time to meet with the missionaries which she called later that night and told us she did. So now we have an appointment to teach Mizuki-chan next Monday at the Igari's. should be good. I'm really glad Igari-shimai is done throwing up from being pregnant.
Then Sunday night I had a pretty neat experience. It was raining and we didn't have coats or umbrellas and i was already feeling sick. we still had about have half hour before dinner but we were thinking about calling it a night. So we were on our way home and going down a way steep hill on wet roads and as we went by an apartment, i felt like we needed to knock on it. but if i were to slam on my brakes and turn into that parking lot, the result would have surely been bad. So I thought to myself, 'silly spirit, you're supposed to protect me, not try to kill me.' So after getting to the bottom of the hill, we turned around and went half way back up to visit all the nice people in this apartment. they actually were all quite rude with the exception of one Yamanaka-san who was one of the nicest people I've met knocking on somebody's door. We talked for a bit and she wants to come to church. She can't come this next week, so I don't know when she will, but it was good that we met her. I was glad we turned around.
Then today, I'm Emailing late because we went to the Aoba's and cut a whole bunch of firewood. TONS of fire wood. it was way fun and I built tons of character.
That"s all for now folks,
Elder Horton

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