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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Week 5 in AKO

Keepin this short because we've got stuff to do today. On tuesday, we had a girl in our branch who just turned 8 get baptized. her name is Saito Moe. hehe. yeah it was fun Kodama and I were the witnesses and i got to hang out with the Himeji elders. And later that night, We went and played some basketballs. which i havent played seriously since elementary school with taylor doutre. so i was a bit rusty haha. i was getting better towards the end though.
Then for thanksgiving on Thursday we did nothing! except thursday night, the whole district went and had a sleep over at himeji's apartment and i destroyed Hale at Shogi. then the next morning before district meeting, we had our own little turkey bowl for like two hours just the six of us. and it was actually really fun. i got pretty into it though and ive been sore since then. but it was a blast. Then during district meeting, we all shared our thanksgiving turkeys which we had been making all month with a little thing we're grateful on each of the feathers. Then after, we all went to our favorite Brazilian resturant and ate greasey brazilian food till we could eat no more. and thats how we celebrated thanksgiving. it was pretty good all in all.
Then we had some pretty regular days up until today. Today we're going to hang out in Himeji with everyone and after, i have my companion exchange with Escalante in Kakogawa! its going to be just like old times. im reallllly excited. so i may or may not have something to say about that next week. oh yeah and we got a new cell phone this morning. its the biggest cell phone i have ever seen. no exaggeration. besides maybe the really old ones from the early 90's. but its about that big. this thing is a tank.
well thats about all for this week i think. sorry my emails are so boring as of late.

Elder Horton

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