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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ako week 4

Not much happened this week that I can talk about in this email so its going to be a shorter one. Because I'm staying positive, right?
So we'll skip Monday last week and go onto Tuesday. Tuesday, I got to do our service at the old folks home place where I can't understand what anyone says but I can play Shogi, so i do that. I didn't play against the really good old guy though, just a regular old guy so our game was taking a really long time because we were pretty evenly matched. They actually had to eat lunch before we could finish but i think i was going to win. but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to let them win or whatever. I wasn't going to let him even if we were though hehe. Then that night we talked to this guy Escalante found while he was on an exchange here named Takeshi. when he showed up at the church, I was way surprised because he was like a way cool guy. but because of the way Escalante found him, we weren't really meeting to teach him a lesson but really just to talk. So we talked a bit, and we eventually started talking about the church and the Book of Mormon and whatnot, and he was cool with all of it, but he didn't really see why it was relevant to him. If I were a better missionary, he would have become a really solid investigator, but I wasn't good enough. So I'm just going to have to get better I guess. Can't really do much else when you're in my position.
Yeah so then we'll skip Wednesday(Eikaiwa was about the same as last week) and Thursday. Friday, we had district meeting! which was fun as usual. The other Elders in my district are all really cool. Akina teaches me all sorts of things that I shouldn't know in Japanese haha. but you never know when you're going to need to know some of those things right?
Then we skip the rest of friday and definitely saturday and move on to sunday. Sunday, we had the primary program in church where all the kids sang their songs and did their little presentation thing which was awesome. One thing to be said about the Ako branch is that they have some funny little kids. They're always wanting to play and they have no idea that I cant understand their little-kid-talk but it sounds super adorable so who cares.
And that was my week in Email form. We also spent a ton of time looking for new people and didn't find anyone.
coolcool hope everything is awesome in the states.
Love you all,
Elder Horton


pictures are from a couple P-days ago when we went and all took pictures on the roof of Himeji's church. I'm by far the best ninja.
oh this is the kanji for ninja btw: 忍者。I was so stoked when i first found that out.

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