Marcus was called to serve in the Japan Kobe Mission. He entered the MTC on May 19, 2010. He arrived in Japan on August 3,2010.
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Sunday, November 7, 2010


Yeah so not much at all to report this week. things that happened this week include but are not limited to: Basketball, Eikaiwa, district meeting, and WakuWaku Land. Basketball was pretty fun but nothing happened there that needs to be reported in this email...hehe. yeah i couldnt play because i left my shoes in Kakogawa. Then for Eikaiwa, i was pretty excited to get to know my new english students in Ako, but nobody came. so that was a bummer. then District meeting was way nice. I got a chance to speak english and talk to Escalante about how things are going. I enjoyed that very much. then last but not least, WakuWaku Land. Its this amusement park-like place on the coast here in Ako where there were a whole bunch of families and whatnot playing and having a good time. Kodama has been here for three transfers already but he doesnt seem to know much about how he wants to dendo in Ako so we were kind of scouting the place out. We'll probably head back over sometime when we get some good ideas. Its definitely a place that would have been much more fun if you werent a missionary when you went. I wanted to ride the ferris wheel. but yeah it was cool. Other than that we did find one new investigator while housing at the college. teaching him is going to be interesting.
But yeah this next week actually is going to be a crazy one. The mission has this 3 day leadership training thing going on and hes not a leader or anything but Kodama is going to it. i think its just because hes in transfer 13 so he's pretty old. but anyways that means that from our district, Escalante and Kodama are going to be going. which means Hale and I are going to be companions while they're at the training. then right after the training, we have our regular exchange. so Im going to be Hale's companion starting after P-day today all the way until saturday. which is interesting because both of us are in transfer 3. and my japanese is much better from what I here. So I'm going to be carrying the companionship in terms of japanese. which is a little scary. especially since we do have Kakogawa's and Ako's eikaiwa to teach and the investigator that we found in Ako' lesson. But I'm excited to be doing it. and really excited to get to dendo in Kakogawa again. Since we'll be there for most the exchange. So yeah thats whats happening next week. Maybe ill have more to say next time i email. love you all,

Elder Horton

WakuWaku Land

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