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Sunday, September 19, 2010

kakogawa week 7

yeah yeah so last week was pretty good pretty good. elder bennion and I pretty much did nothing for the rest of the time he was here. which was lame. but we got transfer calls on tuesday and he was off to senboku so he had to pack and being the kind of wonderful person he is, it took him 2 days. But on Wednesday we went to meet with Marion, and Rosario, and Dennis in some park in east kakogawa to give marion a Liahona for her to learn about modern day prophets. so we did that. while they were talking about boring stuff in japanese that was too much effort to understand, i went off and ran around with Dennis and it was super fun. that kid is super genki. but i also built relationship with Rosario and Marion which was good since elder bennion was leaving and because i have a sneaking suspition Rosario hated me (her japanese is pretty bad so its harder than the average nihonjin to understand but on the phone im pretty sure i heard her say "Horton" "kirai" "korosu" in the same sentance. which translate to "Horton" "hate" "kill." 90% sure.) so yeah that was good times. then the next day was transfers! my new companion is an Elder Escalante. He's half mexican, quarter philipino, quarter british and hes from california. He is a way cool guy and im excited to be working with him. I like his style of dendo a lot. the first day working with him, we found 3 new potential investigators, 2 of them that actually had potential. then the next day we found a new investigator who asked us to proof read some english paper he had written. it wasnt super good by an english native's standards but for a nihonjin, it was pretty dang good. he wanted to buy us lunch but we got him to agree to go to church instead. he seems like a cool kid and i hope we get to teach him more soon.
Something else that helps escalante 長老 get along is that we actually have some stuff in common. and i can give you a hint, it isnt music or vidya games. he also plays a pretty mean game of chess. i actually thought i was going to lose for a good portion of the game, but of course i didnt actually. anyways, it should be a good transfer. i think we can do a lot for Kakogawa and the ward here. im looking forward to it. though one problem is that neither of us really cook so i actually had to cook a meal for the first time and it was a little rough. we'll probly eat a lot of ramen this transfer. which im fine with. ramen + egg + tabasco sause = crazy delicious. I also had Pocky for the first time which is super awesome and which completes my list of memorable food items i have seen from anime. woo!
but yeah i guess thats about it for this week. today we're going to try to head up to himeji to try and see this art exhibit one more time, since its usually closed on mondays. but other than that, i dont really know whats going to be happening this week.
oh also last night, an old man started speaking english to us, which happens pretty often for some reason. but he didnt know much more than "hello" "how are you" "where are you from?" the usual. but when we asked him what he was doing, he said it was embarrassing, but a rough translation would be "the way that girls move." so yeah he was a really creepy old man it turned out. Im not sure why escalante長老 gave him a flier with a map to the church haha but he wont come. not sure why i just told that story. i guess ill leave it at that.
love you all,
Elder Horton
ホートン長老 より
前の趣味について考えば考えるほどに痛い世。  ←-難しいのだ。

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