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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week 6

OK SO. I havent gotten a new companion yet but we talked to president about the whole situation with our investigator and he said he was going to transfer Elder Bennion. so in all likely-hood, Ill have a new companion on thursday that ill get to tell about. hopefully hes super awesome and cool like me so he doesnt make me look bad. other business, ive forgotten to mention Katie's birthday for several emails now. so happy late birthday katie. Ill probly forget about Dad's. i always do.
but yeah so last week after emailing, I went and got my hair cut and boy was that super fun. The lady comes up and asks me what i want. so i tell her "mijikakute futsu ni shite kudasai." which might be a little bit of an awkward way to say it, but it should have gotten the meaning of "please make it normal and short." but she apparently cant do that so she hands me a magazine and im looking through and just laughing because its full of really crazy asian hair styles that my hair couldnt possibly do. but then she shows me one that looks reasonable and i tell her that one should be fine but id like it shorter than that. some other miscommunications occured and to make a long story short, my hair didnt get much shorter but is now slightly asian hair. and im going to have to get it cut again in like 2 weeks. woo!
After that, we tried to meet up with the Himeji elders to see if we could go to some art museum by the castle but it was closed so we just hung out. we might try to go again today. but idk. taking that many trains back and forth starts getting expensive.
then tuesday, we had Eikaiwa! (english conversation class for our slow readers). and we got another crazy person to come! while we were handing out our awesome tissues with fliers in them, he came up to us and asked for one. which is a sure sign of him being crazy. but yeah so we had a class with 3 crazy people! it was super fun. and on his information sheet we have them fill out, he said he wants to learn more about the "honly bible" so we might tell him we want to teach him more about the honley bible and make him into a crazy investigator! oh man eikaiwa is really funny when you try to get the whole class to do a tounge twister at once. they arent the most difficult, but i have to focus to do them right. our students just SLAUGHTER them, oh man oh man its hilarious.
but yeah then thursday, we had Zone conference which was super fun and educational. I got to hang out with Elder Wilcox and Gardner from the MTC and it was good to catch up with them. After Zone conference, we did another exchange. this time i was with Mcguire長老 in kakogawa. we worked really hard on friday and actually found a new investigator! which is really the first time thats happened all of this transfer so i was excited. we set up an appointment to meen on sunday at the church and got his phone number, but then he didnt actually show up. i was pretty bummed but i guess thats just life. we'll call him to see if he wants to meet again this week.
but McGuire長老 and i did bump into a less active member that we have been wanting to contact for a while but didnt know how. it turns out he had been in the hospital for like 2 months and now he didnt have a place to live and had been living in a park. we told him to talk to the bishop and gave him some food we had lying around. so we're heroes.
but thats where ill leave it at for my week. just got to say i hope Rosario姉妹 gets less crazy after Elder Bennion leaves. she is an odd one. she always calls me harry potter. and she said president was just like aladin. i have no idea why
but yeah
Elder Horton
oh yeah where are my ancestors from? people always ask probly because of my red hair and im sick of not knowing what to tell them.

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