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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cold Days in Niihama

icecream dendo!

one of those little houses down there is the Aoba's. out in the middle of nowhere.
Guess not all that much happened this week. We got out and worked but probably not quite as much as i would have liked. Kana-san got a job so its suddenly hard to meet with her. For whatever reason, the majority of out people were busy this last week and we weren't able to meet too many of them. On the bright side, we have some good appointments for this week. We're doing a family home evening at the Igari's tonight and Mizuki-chan is going to come. Also we have our Game Night special  this saturday. its basically normal game night but with refreshments. Aoba会長, you are a genius.
Yesterday, we tryed visiting our brazilian investigator, Aparecida but instead met her husband who also speaks portuguese. So I got to stand there and look stupid for a solid 10 minutes while my companion and him went off in basiltounge. I guess now i know how the majority of my companions have felt for the last 7 transfers or so. Apparently Aparecida is in Hiroshima but took her book of mormon with her. so she seems to be reading it. いいんじゃない?
But yeah Elder Sobrinho has good portuguese it seems. He's a way nice guy, just a little bit high-maintenance. I didn't even really know what that meant until I met Elder Sobrinho. It describes him perfectly. He has various things going on in his life right now and likes to talk about them. Often when we're supposed to be dendoing. I didn't think it was possible to have a conversation for 2 hours by oneself. I thought a conversation required two people. I learned something. But we've talked about it and he says he wants to work harder this week so hopefully we can. This just isnt exactly how i pictured the last months of my mission being.
So we'll see what happens.
Elder Horton

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