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Monday, April 18, 2011

Tsuyama week 13-last week in Tsuyama

View from my apartment

From the sounds of it we will be getting calls about transfers tomorrow morning. So hopefully something cool will be going down. we'll see.
Last week was pretty cool. we finally got to finish conference, which was legit. There were some way good talks that you all heard like a month ago.
And we had a lesson with Jotani-san who has been an investigator for some-odd 2 years or so. He was actually found by my sensei at the MTC, Bishoff-sensei. but anyways, he has been an investigator for a really long time now, but for the most part he hasnt been able to grasp much about the importance of our message or anything like that. But During our lesson, we talked a lot about the after life and about how it relates to us and our ancestors and what kinds of things we do for our ancestors. He, being a bhuddist and a Japanese man, was able to relate to that pretty well. He wanted to meet with us again the next day and seemed pretty anxious to read whatever we assigned him. So we assigned Alma 34 (because its awesome and my companion thought it talked more about the spirit world than it did) and we ended up teaching him about the Atonement the next day. I think he is finally starting to understand! its nice to have a progressing investigator.
I'm sure we did some other things throughout the week but i changed my planner out and i dont remember what they were. Probably lots of knocking on doors in addition to the things we do on a weekly basis.
Hope everyone is doing well. I heard from emails that easter is this next weekend. i had no idea. also when's mother's day?
Elder Horton
I got a new camera in the package from home, so i had to take some pictures to try it out. nothing fancy just stuff near our apartment

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