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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Still inTsuyama

So I have a new companion right now! And who could it be other than my good friend from the MTC, Elder Warner! We were in the same district in the MTC so its just like old times. He went to the Tokyo mission though so we never would have thought we could work with each other but then there was this big earthquake and stuff and to make a long story short, he's hanging out with me in Tsuyama. So we were getting ready for this already shorted transfer due to the week long delay, but then last night, we got a call from the Zone leaders who informed us that the Tokyo missionaries are going back at some point before the transfer ends. So apparently my time with Elder Warner will be cut a bit short, and i dont know what will happen with Tsuyama when he leaves but for the time being, im excited to be working with him.
Elder Warner and I were able to have some pretty good lessons this week after sending Elder Nuttall off. One with this High schooler we found a few weeks ago by the name of Maeda. He's 16 and is interested in Christianity but he lives with his grandparents who are very strong Bhuddists who would throw a Book of Mormon or any pamplets they found away. So he didn't take a book of mormon. And basically he says that he wants to convert to christianity when he is an adult but until then, its impossible. a bit of a bummer.
Then we had a lesson with Sakamoto-san. We decided to review lesson 1 because we don't think he understood it at all. Normally during the lessons, he just sits there and listens and doesnt get involved at all, but this time we would ask questions to see if he understood at all and he didnt like that. He got angry and ended the lesson. Basically, he doesnt have any real intention on changing anything about his life despite how unhappy he is with it. Its sad but thats the case with a lot of the people you talk to. So at first that was a bit of a bummer but really, we were wasting time with him anyways.
Then Yesterday we had church and I gave my third talk of my time in Tsuyama. this one about the importance of preparation. I shared the story of the ten virgins and then busted out Alma 41:5-8 where it talks about the endless night of darkness and choosing good in this life and whatnot and tied it all in. I thought it went pretty well. And our branch was unusually genki. Then we had a lesson with Kajioka, another investigator from a while back. He's heard all the lessons but has struggles with faith, so we read Alma 32 with him. He's a really deep thinker and fun investigator to teach so I think he'll like that chapter as he studies it in more detail.
So Sunday was a good day. Its because i was wearing my lucky tie.
But yeah this week should be cool. we have an exchange with the traveling Assistants to the president so we should be able to learn a lot.
So thats life at the moment. hope everyone's doing alright in the States!
Elder Horton

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