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Monday, April 11, 2011

Tsuyama week 12

Last week for our Family home evening with the lonely single adults of Tsuyama branch, I taught them all that stick game i learned from Katie like 10 years ago that i'm super ridiculously good at. it looks like this:
l l
l l l
l l l l
l l l l l
kind of.
When i was planning it out in my head, i was like, "Ok, ill go easy on them and let them win a few times." but that didnt work out at all. I ended up just DESTROYING everyone over and over and i couldnt stop! haha but they played against eachother and i think they all had fun. i even taught them a secret or two and now they're pretty good. but yeah it was fun.
we had interviews with president, which went well i suppose. There are pictures on the mission blog from that. we got easter cookies which were wayy delicious. set up an appointment with a previous investigator, Yamamoto Yumie, who seems way nice from the phone call i had with her. we should be meeting this thursday. and we had a lesson with Sakamoto-san who talked to us about faith and turned out to be pretty good. he still isnt progressing very quickly, but he'll get there eventually.
we also had a lesson with Jotani-san which our ward mission leader attended. we started out with a pretty simple review of lesson 1, the restoration, but half way through, our mission leader, took over the whole thing and taught Jotani lesson 1, 2 and parts of lesson 3 all in about 20 minutes. So that was a bit of a mess. He doesnt think we have any idea how to teach which is pretty obvious by the the fact that he is always trying to give us training. its quite frustrating. So this next week, We'll be cleaning up that mess with Jotani-san. Saturday, we were supposed to watch General conference at the church in english in a separate room from everyone. thats what our branch prez told us anyways. but we get there and theres only one TV and they were watching it in Japanese. We didnt want to watch in Japanese partly because its much cooler to hear their real voices and partly because its really hard to be understanding japanese like that for 6 hours. So we decided to go out and Dendo that day and we still have to watch all the saturday stuff from Conference at some point this week. We went to Okayama on sunday so we hear the sunday sessions. Really liked Richard G Scott's talk.
As for transfers, its looking like they've been cancelled for this week because of earthquake related difficulties. we might be having them next week or we might not be having them at all. if we dont have them, ill be with elder nuttall for a third transfer. Please pray that we have them!
We also got the chance this week to go see the Sakura trees with Jotani-san and i took a picture or two, so I'll send those.
hope everyone is genki!
Elder Horton
Cookies from Sister McIntyre at Interviews

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  1. love your blogs, Elder Horton, you look wonderful and by your letters you are happy and working hard. I love your references to scripture and I try to read them as well. Scriptures seem to hit the spot with what is going on in our lives. I happened to read the last chapter of Second Nephi as I was beginning to read Jacob and wow! it really helped me with what was going on in my life at that moment. The blossoming trees look beautiful and remind me when the magnolia trees were in bloom in Jacksonville when I was on my mission. They were so incredibly beautiful, I'm trying to grow some maganolias in my yard--last year they were unusually beautiful, so persistance pays off, just like it does with missionary work. Continue your hard work and miracles happen.
    love to you, Grandmother Alice