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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tsuyama week 9

Kind of embarassing but i just this week realized that the Kanji in for the 'Tsu' in 'Tsuyama' and 'Tsunami' are the same. huh.
So Yeah there has been a bit more aftershock from the earthquake and whatnot. During the earthquake, there was a nuclear plant near Sendai that was damaged and is right now leaking radiation. Basically, because the reactor is unstable, the people up top were like "Get out of there, she's gonna blow!" and closed the Sendai and Tokyo missions. To my readers (aka mom and dad) it might not seem like a big deal, but it kind of is to a missionary in japan. The Kobe mission took in 45 missionaries from the Tokyo mission. In order to make room for them, all missionaries that were scheduled to go home in the next 3 months were sent home on friday and areas all over the mission opened up and got extra missionaries packed in. Since my area is pretty in the middle of nowhere, i was relatively uneffected. So things were a little chaotic, but now things are back to normal. Assuming the reactor doesnt explode, the Tokyo missionaries will probly be heading back soon enough. and if it does explode, my guess is that ill be finishing my mission in the states. So pray or cross your fingers whatever your fancy may be that it doesnt explode.
Our work was pretty good this week. We taught Lesson 2 to Sakamoto-san and commited him to baptism pretty hard but he wont set a date. so for now we're going to work on strengthening his faith and understanding. He'll get baptized some day, it just might long after ive left Tsuyama unfortunately. We found some pretty interesting investigators who we'll be meeting next week and a really nice girl named Hiromi who we taught lesson 1 to on friday night. she is bhuddist like most people in japan and doesnt have much intention to change right now, but she's interested in our message and if she'll read the book of mormon and pray, then we could be in business. It was a good week and i dont really have time. I'm heading over to Okayama for a couple days for a companion exchange. I'll be working with an Elder Pipkin who is a missionary who just got here from Tokyo. so maybe ill get to see some new styles of dendo. im excited.
Cool well i think thats all!
love you, everyone!
Elder Horton

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