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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tsuyama 10

This week from monday to wednesday morning, i had a companion exchange with Elder Pipkin in Okayama. It was super fun. Elder Pipkin is a gentleman and a scholar and working with him was a pleasure. He's one of the missionaries who got evacuated to our mission from Tokyo so it was pretty interesting to see the differences in style of our Dendo, but I learned a lot. It would be sweet if i got the chance to work with him in the future but that kind of depends on when all the Tokyo missionaries are heading back. Wednesday, Elder Nuttall was sick so we weren't able to get much done, though we did get to go do our reading activity at the library. I read Grandma baba's busy night and Madaline. it was good times. Thursday we had a pretty good member lesson with the Hisamune family. then the rest of the week we had some ups and downs. Friday night, we had our appointment with the investigator we found last week, Hiromi, who listened to the plan of salvation, but afterwards told us about how our devotion to our religion inspired her to be a better bhuddist and now she doesn't want to meet with us. so that was a bummer. Saturday, we went out and tried to visit a bunch of people and most everyone wasnt home. We did get to talk to an investigator, Kasumi who we had an appointment with like 2 weeks ago but we weren't able to make it to because of some miscommunication. We tried to call and cancel but they didnt pick up. Anyways, Kasumi was actually pretty upset at us. she said her and two of her friends had been waiting to hear our message with questions about the Book of Mormon. Thats some pretty hard news for a missionary to hear. So we tried to set up another appointment, but she said she was busy. We arent giving up, but I was quite unhappy about the whole thing. But we did have a good lesson with a past investigator, Kajioka, who was way cool. we're going to see if we cant get him back on his way. He said he'd come to church on the 3rd of April. And yesterday, we were able to get one of our less actives, Kawai Hiromi-shimai to church. we were stoked about that. she came with her boyfriend and he kind of seems like a tool, but we were happy to see her there. Then lastly we had a good member lesson with the Hattori family. their 26 year old son is the second councilor in the branch presidency and he hasnt been to church in 5 or 6 weeks. So we're a little worried about that.
So thats whats going on in Tsuyama, in case you were wondering.
Elder Horton

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