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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas in Ako weeks 9 &10

Yeah didn't get to email last week because P-day got moved to Christmas and we didn't email on christmas. So yeah ill try my best to summarize two weeks but I'm gonna forget a lot of stuff. Christmas week was super busy. we had Zone conference, our ward Christmas party, or special Christmas Eikaiwa, and Christmas in Himeji with everyone. Zone conference was pretty cool getting to see people and hear from pres. they tried to tell stories and stuff to make it seem like being a missionary during Christmas is super awesome to try to make people not homesick and stuff i guess. I wasn't really homesick before but the stories had the kind of opposite effect. but then i forgot about that real quick. our ward Christmas party was weird. i mean i guess it was good. but all the 'acts' or whatever you call them were just strange. I have a video of one that i wish i could send because words truly cant describe. but all in all it was a good time. then after, we all ate curry and the most delicious and moist cake Ive ever dreamed of. and we got to chill and talk to some nonmembers like my eikaiwa student, Kyougoku-shimai's daughter who might be coming to eikaiwa some time. So yeah that was pretty good. As for Our Christmas Eikaiwa, not so good. it was alright but really it went about how i imagined. but its all good i suppose. after our ward Christmas party, we hitched a ride with a member living in Himeji(we were riding in the back of his truck with all sorts of random tools and stuff) and started our exchange with them. So Akina and I chilled on Christmas eve until it was time for Himeji's Eikaiwa which was mixed with a ward activity where we all went out and sang Christmas carols. that was fun but it was dark and i couldn't read the music which made it hard to sing. i just hummed the tune when i couldn't see though. i dont have the Japanese Christmas songs memorized yet unfortunately. then on the way back from caroling, we had a Christmas miracle! it snowed! i was way confused. i thought it was like pollen from trees or something at first because there weren't really any clouds or anything and its not normal for it to snow in this part of the mission. it normally just gets really really cold and then rains (which is what its doing right now). but that was fun. i was filled with christmas spirit and stuff. Then we the district all spent the night at Himeji's apartment and had a little christmas program, timtam slammed, and hung out on christmas and i got to talk to the family which was aight i guess haha.
After christmas, it was a little hard to get back into the swing of things, but this last week was all business besides saturday. We spent a lot of time trying to visit people but lots of people are gone or busy for the holidays so we didnt have much success. But last week, our indonesian investigator, Ryan, did come to church though i dont think she understood much. after, I taught her a lesson about the restoration and the book of mormon and all that good stuff. But its really hard to speak English when I'm teaching or even praying and stuff. Ive just gotten so used to doing that in Japanese, that the English isn't natural anymore. I had thought the lesson went all right, but we haven't been able to get in touch with her since then so I'm a little worried. I guess time will tell with that one. We were also able to meet with an investigator who was a referral from a member, Tomiyama-san. That meeting went pretty well she made friends with one of our members and we explained about our purpose and about God and families and we should be meeting again soon. Its just a little difficult because she lives in Aioi, which is another city in our area we cant really get to by bike. so we have to take the train which is okay i guess but we don't really get all that much money and we'll run out fast if we have to go to Aioi a couple times a week. Oh wells, we'll figure that one out too. That's about as much as there is in terms of investigators for Ako right now.
But then Saturday, for the new years, we had a Sports Conference(? that might not translate right but you get the idea) where most of the missionaries in the mission get together and play sports since its impossible to talk to anyone on the first day of the year anyways here. So all my past companions and all the Elders from my MTC district who came to Kobe were there. it was way fun to see everyone and play around a bit. dodgeball was way intense with that many people. and i got to watch kungfu panda in Japanese which was pretty intense too. lots of vocabulary i didn't know, but it was funny. So that was also way fun and kind of a once a year thing where we get to just play for a whole day. So yeah that's about whats been going on up in Japan for me. ill post some pictures. love you everyone,
Elder Horton

2. aioi
3. ako
1. christmas party. hasegawa a funny one.
4. basically says "Christ takes and erases sin." bad translation but i dont know.
5. MTC buddies reunited.

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