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Sunday, December 19, 2010

AKO Week 8

Hey, this week was cool. Monday was a pretty normal Preperation day. just normal stuff though we did head over to the church to help set up for the open house thing the members were going to be doing for the Matsuri (festival) the next day. The Matsuri was way fun. The missionaries from the other areas in my district came up to Ako to hang out and talk to people. So everyone in the district got to know eachother a bit. from what we hear, 70,000 people came from all over to see the matsuri. since Ako's population is around 50,000, we talked to a lot of people who weren't from around here which made it hard to set up and appointments or anything. but we were able to set up two which was good exept the both fell through it seems. But what are you gonna do. I took some pictures and stuff of the parade a bit but i mostly took videos of the cool stuff like the samurai fight which i cant really send through the mass emails. so you'll have to wait a year or two for those. but ill send what i can i guess. anyways, it was a lot of fun but i didnt get to buy any of the cool snacks or anything i saw at all the stands and whatnot because we were too busy. i really wanted a princess crepe. so bad... oh well.
after the matsuri, we went and played some basketball for a little sports dendo. i suck at basketball. but im getting better. ill get there eventually if we keep going. like the ping pong activity we have with some members here. ive gotten crazy good at ping pong. same thing with basketball right? probly not.
Wednesday was cool too. President decided he wanted to give our district some special training so we headed over to himeji for that. he gave us a lot of good ideas and stuff for how to work more effectively but the whole thing was in english so i dont know how much Hasegawa got out of it. then after the training, we had to hurry back for Eikaiwa(english conversation class for those who forget) which was fun. we did self introductions for Hasegawa since it was his first week and then wrote letters to santa. I asked for a Robot and the moon and a new tie. Next week we're having our special christmas eikaiwa which hopefully wont suck!
Thursday was pretty boring until night time when we were housing but then got a little distracted by a mysterious building, so we went to check it out and next thing we knew, we were on a pretty freaky adventure. it was like halloween in december. i wont go into details, but it was cold and dark and we kept stumbling into creepsy graveyards and bhuddist shrines. it was fun though. fun things like that didnt exist last transfer.
I honestly have no idea what we did on friday. I assume we went housing or something. but i do remember that i ate donuts and chocolate milk for breakfast, goldfish for lunch, and a big mac(which was only ¥200) and more donuts. I love me some mister donuts. Then saturday, we dendo'd and we had our ping pong activity.
This is getting long, but sunday morning was pretty crazy. we went and cleaned the church in the morning, then we headed over to a less active family's house and shared a message with them, then we had that meeting where we talk about missionary stuff. i have no idea what its called in english. then before church we were supposed to go with the indonesian girl we found, Ryan, to church. but we got there and she had been partying the night before and had a hang over so she wasnt coming. that was a bummer but we'll visit some other time. then church was church, we had to give talks and we pounded the members pretty hard on getting their own missionary efforts started. didnt really intend to but it came out that way. after church, we had rehersals for the stuff that we're going to be doing for the christmas party next week. the primary kid's little skit thing is sooo funny. pretty much everything they do is hilarious to me. they're funny kids. after that was a pretty normal night. i ate mashed potatoes and meat for dinner. just like old times.
Sorry this email was so long. next week is way busy with christmas and zone conference and all so next week might be long too. the week after that might be short though.
hope everyone is GENKI in the states.
Elder Horton
ps can someone tell me my blood type? people always ask and i never know. Its apparently a big deal to people here.
pps my SD card is full on my camera. send me a new camera or something.

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