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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ibaraki week 16

We had a way busy week this week. i had an exchange with Hanayashiki that was pretty long. Then we had this training thing for trainers in Kobe that we had to go to. At the trainer training thing, we learned about how we need to stop neglecting our study and do it no matter what. meaning on days where we cant do it in the morning, we spend most of the day studying. So probly for the rest of this transfer, we're going to be in the apartment studying a lot.
On saturday, we had a Shogi party again and Yonezawa-san came. Its pretty unfortunate but hes pretty bad at Shogi. We only played one game before starting the lesson, but Barker 長老 destroyed him pretty bad. But he was cool with the law of tithing. So pretty much all he needs is to hear the law of chastity and then he should be looking good for his date on the 25th.
He wasnt able to come to church this week, but we did have another investigator, Morimoto-san come. He's the guy from the religion where they try and 'cleanse' us and eat cookies with medicine in them. So thats a little weird but he had a good time at church anyways. We were asked by the sisters doing primary to come in and share an experience about being a missionary to all the kids. So we go up and stand in front of the class and they point to me and ask "Who knows this Elder's name?" and a few of the kids yell out, "horton 長老!" then they point to my companion and ask the same thing. none of the kids know. now my companions name is 'Barker.' in japanese, it comes out as 'baka.' which roughly translates to 'idiot.' So of course the kids went crazy when they heard his name. and the whole time he was sharing his experience, they were calling him idiot. 
Anyways, i got a good laugh out of the whole thing. 
As always theres probably a lot im forgetting. But we're in Kyoto right now and about to go see some crazy peace shrine. Heian jingu or something. but before that, we gotta get some lunch. Shigeta and Delmege say they want fish, but i dont want fish. i wanna go to shakeys and get all you can eat pizza and water. Guess we'll see what we end up eating.  
Elder Horton

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