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Monday, September 26, 2011

Baptism! Last week in Thorn Tree(Ibaraki)

Ibaraki Eikaiwa ( mostly old ladies)

Cleaning the Baptismal Font
It was a good last week in Ibaraki. By the end I was starting to think maybe id be staying and was kind of getting excited, but transfers are happening it looks like. We were told another Typhoon was supposed to come through on Wednesday so they made us cancel our Eikaiwa and stay in the apartment, but it didnt even come through Osaka a little so we were fine. i took a pretty good nap though. We werent able to meet Yonezawa-kyodai until thursday, when we reviewed the baptismal interview and he was way solid on everything. So we set up an interview the next day. So Elder Draper came up and interviewed him after District meeting and yeah he was still way solid. So we started arranging for the baptism with our ward mission leader, who we've kind of been struggling to get to do stuff. But he was way good and arranged everything for the baptismal service Sunday morning. Saturday night we had sports night. all the missionaries from the district came up and it was way fun. Some where in the middle of it, I got a call from President Zinke. He asked about our baptism the next day and I told him things were good to go, and he said that he would be attending the service.
So Sunday morning we had a lovely baptismal service that went down without a hitch for the most part. Yonezawa-kyodai had a bit of an issue with bending his knees, but i still got him under. we had a good laugh about it after. Then throughout church and also for the lunch we had afterwards, the ward was way good about fellowshipping him. It was really awesome. Which is really good because both me and Elder Barker are transfering out this week. So we're going to have to leave him in the wards hands, though we should be able to meet one more time before we head out. It was a really good way to end my time in Ibaraki though. Our apartment here is going from 4 to 2 people and Elder Delmege and a new missionary are going to be taking care of both the Ibaraki and Takatsuki wards. I'm a little bummed that thats happening to Ibaraki, but I guess there are other places in the mission that need it more. Reversely, I'm going to a place by the name of Niihama, which is on the island of Shikoku. It was just a 2 person area, but theres a small branch there with lots of faith and dendo fire so president zinke wants to explode it by putting 4 missionaries there. So I'll be in a 4-man again. And I'll be training a new missionary again. Which, honestly, I'm not super thrilled about. But I think I'll get a solid bean and it should be good. Elder Barker is headed to good ol' Tsuyama. He's going to have a blast there. So yup, I'm off to Shikoku. or 'the rock' as it is called. I got my wish, but now i have to figure out how I'm supposed to pay for the trip out there.
Have a good week everybody in America! but not basil.
Elder Horton
Kind of a so-so week this last week. We visited a ton of people but weren't able to meet with many at all. But we should have a lot going on this next week. basically if we can meet with Yonezawa-san twice this next week, he should be good to go for his baptism this coming sunday. if not, then it will have to wait until the next week. but from the way things are sounding with transfers, i probably wouldnt be here for it. So hopefully he'll be able to meet with us this next week a couple times. So next email, ill let you know what happened with that and whats happening with transfers. Not much to say about this week other than there was apparently a typhoon in okinawa which caused us to get wet several times this last week. that was lame.
Hope everyone is doing awesome in America and stuff.
Elder Horton
PS kyoto was cool but if you wanna see the pictures it will have to wait until the after mission slide show.


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