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Monday, July 11, 2011

Ibaraki 7 & I felt an earthquake!

Good evening, America.
"Good evening" isn't something we say that often in america, i feel. But thats how they translate "kon ban wa" here so we always say it a lot at Eikaiwa and i feel silly. So this week at Eikaiwa, we asked a member to interview all our students and see if they wanted to meet with us and here our message. The member we asked is a girl named Yoshino Sonomi-shimai and she is japanese but served a mission in the salt lake city spanish speaking mission. We're pretty sure she was supposed to go to temple square but got misplaced. anyways, she's way good and got 3 people to agree to meet us, who we should be meeting with this next week or two.
Then the next day, I went to Kobe to meet my new companion. His name is Elder Barker and he is an awesome bean. the exact opposite of my last companion. actually reminds me of a younger me. anyways. we had a lesson with Hondayama-san that day which basically was just him meeting us to say that him meeting with us has been causing his family relationship to suffer so he thinks it would be best if we dont meet until he is independant from his mom. We're still going to write a letter to his mom, so we'll meet to give that to him, but that will probably be the last time from the looks of things. So i wanted to give Elder Barker a good experience for his first week, but things have kind of not been working out super well. Though he was really happy when we found one investigator who we have an appointment with tonight. We're working on getting him opening his mouth and he's improving fast. he studys hard and is going to make a really good missionary. I'm excited to be working with him. I'm sure I'm forgetting something but it is really hot in this room and I want to be done emailing, so byebye, everyone,
Elder Horton
Here was the email to Dad:
In response to the earthquake, remark, ill paste an exhert from my email to katie.

"YEAH! i felt an earthquake! it was just after we ate some pizza hut at a members house but it was japanese pizza hut so it was a bit weird. so then we went and sat down on the floor, and i started feeling some weird motions going on in my stomache and i though "oh, man that pizza is doing a number on me" but then Elder Usui was like "oh its an earthquake" exept in japanese. Thats when i realized, i had experienced my first earthquake."

And yeah i heard about your trip. kind of a bummer, maybe it was for the best. also let the record show that i suggested we sell the suburban years ago. but youll get another chance to go backpacking. i wont go. but when i get back, if you wanna go fishing, i might be alright with that. as long as we dont have to walk far.


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  1. Hey Elder, are you still in Japan? I read about Hiromi Kawai. This member who served a mission in Tmeple Square. It was very sad to read she is less active. I met her when she was transfered to Houston, TX. We were good friends. I would love to do something to help her to come back to the church. Do you have her contact info, email, face, etc?
    Thanks for all your good work Elder. Keep it up.