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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tsuyama week 16 &17

I don't have my Missionary Daily Planner on me so I have no Idea what happened the last two week, but I'll try to remember if there is anything worth mentioning.
We found this girl housing named Sachi-san who is stuck at home with a baby and doesnt have anything better to do but to listen to our message, so we've been teaching her a bit as of late. She read from the beginning of the Book of Mormon and didnt really understand anything other than theres a guy named Nephi who has two stupid brothers. But really thats more than a lot of people understand so she's showing some sort of potential.
It rained like CRAZY for like 3 days straight over here. the river near our apartment was like overflowing and stuff. During the rainy days, I threw on my big blue rain suit and we knocked on people's doors. We knocked on one man by the name of Shiraishi-san's door and he immediately told us to come in. so we're like, "But sir, we're all wet." but he doesnt care, so we step into his genkon but he tells us to take off our shoes and step in. Again we try to object with no success. then he tells us to sit down on these really nice leather couches. So we say "Sir, we're going to ruin these couches." But he doesnt care. Eventually we convinced him to get some towels, but we were still pouring water on his floor and stuff. He had seen us riding around on our bikes and wanted to know what we were doing. So we told him about our message and committed him to baptism and stuff. He was googling our church on his laptop the whole time, so in addition to teaching him about the book of mormon, prayer, and baptism, we also taught him about the word of wisdom and plural marriage. He had to go to Okayama and had to cancel our next appointment with him, but We'll set something up with him in the near future hopefully. He's a very interesting guy. Back when i was a junior, i would have zoned out and not understood most of what that conversation was about, but when your senior companion, you have to focus and it takes a lot more effort and ive been really tired recently.
Yeah there might have been some other things like exchanges with the zone leaders or stuff like that, but its not too important. We have some other investigators we're working with and we're also working a lot with the Branch to get things moving. So yeah I guess things are good.
I also hit my 1-year mark on the 19th this week. pretty crazy stuff i do say.
Elder Horton

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